Uptime monitoring for WordPress with WP Umbrella

We have all dealt with temporarily inaccessible websites. This is extremely frustrating!

For the owner of the website concerned by the downtime, it is even worse: it sometimes takes several hours/days before the problem is reported to the technical team.

This can have terrific consequences in terms of sales or reputation. That’s why I will show you today a plugin to monitor WordPress websites.

What is uptime monitoring for WordPress?

Uptime monitoring consists of sending a request to a web server to check if it works. The request also allows you to retrieve several other information, such as the TTFB (Time to first byte) which roughly corresponds to the response time of the server and thus the performance of your web host.

uptime monitoring
An uptime monitoring chart

If the server doesn’t work, WP Umbrella will send you an email to inform you of the problem by specifying the associated HTTP error code.

Improve your User Experience with WP Umbrella

Get alerted in case of downtime

WP Umbrella's alerting system
Downtime alert!

The first use of WP Umbrella is above all to inform you, or your digital agency, in case of downtime.

The freemium version of the plugin checks if the site is online every ten minutes. It is possible to increase this frequency up to every minute.

If WordPress Website is down, an email is instantly sent to you with the associated Error HTTP Code.

This is SO important for user experience, but also for SEO. Google penalizes sites that are offline when its robots pass by.

The double notifications system (site owner + digital agency) is also ideal for entrepreneurs who often have other things to manage.

Monitor your WordPress Performance from all over the world

Loading time is a determining criterion for SEO, but also for the conversation of visitors.

Plugins such as WP Rocket or Imagify (that we strongly recommend) allow to significantly improve the loading time of WordPress sites.

It’s often forgotten, but the loading time is also (and mostly) linked to the quality of web hosting. WP Umbrella allows you to track the moments when your server is really slow.

This will allow you to know when you need to avoid maintenance operations or simply change your hosting-provider!

Track PHP Errors in theme and plugins

Better safe than sorry!

In a logic of prevention – which allows the plugin to stand out from all third-party uptime monitoring applications – WP Umbrella also monitors PHP errors generated by themes and plugins.

WP Umbrella plugin

This feature allows developers to save a ton of time when moving a site into production or troubleshooting bugs.

Give it a shot, it’s free!

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