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Optimized images means more accessibility, more organic traffic and more conversion

Fact : Even if more than 20% of Google Organic Traffic comes from image searches, E-commerce sites have thousands of images with empty alt texts and misleading names (= alt texts and names are the most important criteria for image SEO).

Do : Optimize all your alt texts and names using AI and reach new customers.

Do : Improve your website accessibility and your compliance with the ADA.

Digital Agencies

Save time and give to your clients a perfectly optimized website

Fact : You promised your clients you will provide them with a perfectly optimized website for Search Engines but you are so lazy to renames and fill out thousands of Alternative Texts.

Do : optimize all the images of your client and boost their SEO in 5 clicks.

Do : allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and offer your clients an image SEO optimization using Artificial Intelligence.

Nota bene : if your clients are going to publish content, you can encourage them to use image SEO and earn 15% on every single sales.

Online newspapers and medias

Fact : Even though more than 20% of Google Organic Traffic comes from image searches your journalists don’t pay attention image ALT Texts and names and you can’t do anything about it.

Do : Get control back on the images uploaded by your journalists and optimize your SEO and accessibility.

Traffic Acquisition Managers

Fact : Image SEO optimization is in your to do list. But it’s dull and time-consuming

Do : Optimize all you images for SEO in a few clicks with out integrations WordPress and Shopify.

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