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“Alt texts are so important for SEO. This tool saves you a ton of time by automating the writing-process. It’s a highly valuable quick-win in SEO optimization that your clients will like.”

Differentiate yourself from competitors and increase your quotes

Image SEO optimization is easy to sell firstly because it’s important - and all major SEO auditing tools will confirm you so - and, secondly, because images are often the best way to trigger a sale online. Therefore, in 2021, If you are a serious SEO Agency you must include an Image SEO optimization in your quotes. .

This will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors (selling argument), obtain better results in terms of organic traffic acquisition (customer satisfaction) and gives you the opportunity to grow your quotes and margin on our service!

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Our plugin WordPress will allow you to bulk optimize the entire WordPress Library in just one click. It’s a HUGE time-saver for a task that is critical for SEO, but so tedious to accomplish!

"Image SEO Optimization is easy to sell because it's a critical element of a good SEO strategy. My customers don’t always understand the importance of internal linking or website structure, but they always get the story about the importance of providing Search Engines with a textual alternative for images. They are businessmen or Businesswomen and they know the marketing power of images."

Shane Griffiths


This is the time it take to fill out 1000 alternative texts et rewrite 1000 filenames with SEO friendly content. Our plugin will do it automatically.

“This tool saves you a ton of time by automating the process. Is it perfect? No. But it’s pretty good. It’s probably one of the most efficient SEO tool available for WordPress”

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