WordPress – How to manually edit media names with ImageSEO?

Manually renaming images directly from the Library

Besides the bulk optimization process, our plugin offers you the possibility to manually edit your alt tags and rename your media directly in WordPress library.

When you are then in your library, you have 2 columns at your disposal:

  • One for alternative texts (alt)
  • One for file names

When you edit the alternative texts there is no need to click on submit. It’s live edition and what you type will be automatically attached yo your media.

Things are slightly different for image names. You have to click on submit to push the modification.

Note that if you make mistakes (empty space, or unauthorized in image names) when you write an image name, our plugin will automatically take take control back to propose you something that will work.

For exemple, if you write: “My new file”, we will add “-” to get: “My-new-file”.

Manually renaming images during a bulk optimization

If you are not entirely satisfied with some of the alt texts and filenames we generated during a bulk optimization, you always have the possibility to manually edit the results directly in the plugin.

You just need to tick the boxe ‘I want to validate the results manually”

And then, click on the small pen, edit what you don’t like and click on “validate this result”, and that’s it. Easy peasy!

Image SEO Bulk

Rename image names automatically

If you want to save a ton of time, our plugin can automatically rewrite your image names and alternative texts. Give it a try, it’s free (to some extend) !

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