WordPress – How do rename media in my library?

Image SEO offers you the possibility to edit your alts and rename your media files directly in your WordPress library.

When you are then in your library, you have 2 columns at your disposal:

  • One for alternative texts (alts)
  • One for file names

The alts editing area is in automatic recording. As for the file name, it is imperative that you validate the result with the “Submit” button. We also take control of the filename you propose in order to avoid writing errors.

For example, if you write: “My new file”, we will add “-” to get: “My-new-file”.

Rename and rewrite automatically

If you don’t want to edit it manually, you can also use the automatic rewrite. This will make you consume 1 credit and we will take care of providing you with an alt and a filename with our own system.

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