Search Engine Optimization tool for and through images

20% of web traffic comes from images research. Stop neglecting them in your SEO strategy.

ImageSEO analyses
your images
You should optimize :
  • Image name
  • Alt attribute
Generated keywords :
  • Flowerpot
  • Plant
  • Vase
  • Design
  • Houseplant
Be carefull :
  • 32 Duplicate content
  • No backlink
Rethink your SEO strategy

Why must you optimize your images for search engines ?

• Image Search Engines, such as Google Image, Bing or TinEye, can drive an important traffic on your website

• Images are often neglected by SEO compagnies and excluded from SEO audit and strategy, it is easier to make a difference and thus rank at the top of the search results with an image keyword rather than a textual one

• Optimizing your images for search engines will have a positive impact on your global SEO strategy.

Rename all your images

Rename all your images file and get a rid of your "S73smb31".jpeg files that Search Engines dislike

Fill up your images alt

Generate perfect alternatives texts for your images based on Artificial Intelligence

Duplicated images

See where and how your images are used on internet and take back control of your pictures

What did ImageSEO provide

Work on your backlinks

Links with images are important, understand the situation and improve your backlinks strategy

Optimize your loading time

Search Engines penalize weighty website, dump your heavy pictures with ImageSEO

Integration and Automation

WordPress or API, generate everything in five clics

The application is tailor-made for SEO specialists who want to go in depth about their marketing and search engine optimization strategy. Our plugin and API are made for people looking for automation and efficiency.

They trust us

People rely on ImageSEO to improve their SEO strategy

ImageSEO allowed me to no longer worry about naming my images or alternative texts, he takes care of it all by himself.
Maxime Bernard-Jacquet
Founder at Capitaine WP