How ImageSEO Tool works and what does it do ?

ImageSEO is a tool made of a web application and a WordPress plugin. It has been developed to improve our customers’ search engine optimization strategy for images and through images.

If you are a beginner in SEO we invite you to carefully read Google Image best practices guide before going further.

What ImageSEO Tool does ?

Screenshot of ImageSEO dashboard
That’s how our dashboard looks like

We audit your pages and analyze the images available on it to provide you, thank to Artificial Intelligence, an optimization report aimed at improving your ranking on image search engines.

ImageSEO Audit !

screenshot of ImageSEO overview report
What’s your SEO performance ?

The report we provide points out all what could be done to optimize your images for search engines and boost your traffic :

  • Missing alternative texts (<img alt=””>) ;
  • Number of images backlinks ;
  • Heavy pictures/images ;
  • Duplicate content ;
  • Responsiveness images ; (soon)
  • Similar images ; (soon)
  • Missing title attributes (<img title =””>) (soon) ;
  • Lack of <figure> and <figurecaptation> (soon) ;
  • Bad images position (soon) ;

Artificial Intelligence & ALT Tag, Filenames and keywords

ImageSEO AI suggestion
Keep calm and let our AI optimize your SEO

Pointing out what is missing in your SEO strategy for images is good, but it’s not enough. Our tool provides optimized suggestions for file names and alternative texts thank to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It also tells you on which keyword(s) your image(s) are performing. This information is particularly usefull to improve your internal meshing. 

Screenshot of ImageSEO Application
Learn where you rank and improve your meshing !

In other words, we tell you how your content is percieved by search engines and how to optimize it ! 🙂

ImageSEO Generator 

Screenshot of ImageSEO Generators

We also generate for you : 

  • Image Sitemaps
  • Social cards for Twitter and Facebook so your post can get a better audience !
  • Structured Data 

ImageSEO WordPress Plugin (auto ALT Tags and rename file optimizer)

We developed ImageSEO on the basis that people were neglecting search engine optimization for images because they didn’t really know how to do it or because it was too time-consuming. Especially for market places or websites with a huge quantity of pictures. 

With our WordPress plugin you will be able to fill out all your alternative texts and rename your image file in 10 secs. You just need to get an API key ! Register to get one. It’s free ! 

Our SEO Tool will grow your traffic

Why have you neglected images search engine optimization for so long ?

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