The first search engine optimization tool for and through images

Way too often, search engine optimization (SEO) and web marketing strategy neglect their images. This is a huge mistake because images are one of the best way for your website to be attractive, grow your traffic and capture your audience’s attention. ImageSEO is the first search engine optimization tool for images. Try it, and get more traffic on your website thanks to your images !

Why must you optimize your images for search engines ?

  • Because Image Search Engines, such as Google Image, Bing or TinEye, can drive an important traffic on your website ;
  • Because images are often neglected by SEO compagnies and excluded from SEO audit and strategy, it is easier to make a difference and thus rank at the top of the search results with an image keyword rather than a textual one;
  • Because optimizing your images for search engines will have a positive impact on your global SEO strategy.

Why haven’t you paid attention to images search engine optimization so far?

Maybe because you were not aware of images’ marketing power ? Maybe because you didn’t know about images search engine optimization ? Maybe because you thought that optimizing an important database of images, especially when they are uploaded directly by your users, was impossible ? There was no way for you to provide optimized file names and alt attributes for like 2000 images or more, right ? Well, with ImageSEO, it is now possible to optimize all your images for search engines in a few clics !

What ImageSEO offers

ImageSEO comes with an application, a WordPress Plugin and an API. The application is tailor-made for SEO specialists who want to go in depth about their marketing and search engine optimization strategy. Our plugin and API are made for people looking for automation and efficiency.

ImageSEO Application

First, we crawl your website page by page and we provide you an optimization report for search engines. The report highlights, for each image, what’s missing in your images SEO strategy: inappropriate file names, missing alt attributes (<img alt=”alternative text”>), heavy pictures, bad positioning, backlinks, duplicate content, etc. (have a look on the list of all our features). Bullet points ?

Second, we propose optimized file names and alternative texts thank to Google Artificial Intelligence. File names are generated based on how Google perceives your image without context. Alternative texts are generated based on how Google perceives your image and similar images in their contexts on the internet. In other words, we provide you the data that people are talking about and that search engines want to see.
If you wish to know more about it, have a look at our case study.

ImageSEO WordPress Plugin

With ImageSEO WordPress Plugin, you can, in 5 clics :

  • Rename all your image files with something relevant and finally get rid of your 123445HDFRE.JPG file that Search Engines, especially Google, dislike;
  • Fill up all your image alternative texts with relevant keywords (if you have not done it yet, you should really have a look at our case study :));


For people not using WordPress, we have developed an API. When setted up (it requires knowledge in JSON) ImageSEO can rename all your images and optimize your alternative texts.

They trust us !

Our SEO Tool will grow your traffic

Why have you neglected images search engine optimization for so long ?

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