Image SEO WordPress and Shopify Integrations

We have developed a plugin WordPress to help people optimizing their images for Search Engines. Select the integration and discover our features!

WordPress Plugin

Image SEO Plugin WordPress

Bulk SEO Optimization

You or your team have been lazy on alternative texts and image names? Your clients don’t know how to deal with alternative texts? You have to optimize thousands of images to optimize and there is no way you spend so much time doing something so boring? Let’s chill out. Our WordPress plugin bulks your WordPress Library and does everything for you!

Save your time and improve your accessibility!

Optimized alt texts and names on upload

If you are not comfortable with bulking your Library, we can optimize your media on upload only. Very useful for inattentive journalists or bloggers.

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For premium user the Alternative texts and the file names we generate can be available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and in almost every language. **

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** Our freemium version only works in English.

Keywords generator

Looking for hashtags or keywords to improve your existing content? We generate SEO Friendly term for your articles based on your images.

Pinterest optimizer for WordPress

250 million people use Pinterest every month. Optimizing your images for Pinterest is thus essential. Our WordPress Plugin allows you to manually edit your images to add Pinterest description, Pinterest URL, Pinterest ID, Pinterest Media, etc.

Plugin and themes compatibility

Our plugin WordPress is compatible with all the major plugins, themes and theme builders!







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Image SEO API another language or platform?

Using another language or platform ? Our technology works with all CMS and web technology. Read our SEO API documentation and take control back on your images.

Our SEO Tool will grow your traffic

Why have you neglected images search engine optimization for so long ?

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