About us

ImageSEO is a French start-up based in Lyon and run by two friends. Check out our brief introductions below. Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter!

Thomas Deneulin – Co-Founder & Chieff Technology Officer

Thomas is a computer engineer (graduated from SUPINFO school). Before creating ImageSEO, he worked as a software engineer for Yurplan and Weglot (an amazing translation program).

Thom is very active in the French WordPress community and he speaks frequently at conferences for French Wordcamps. Many of these conferences are available here, in French, alas! (Yes, this sucker doesn’t have a Youtube Channel).

Before coming up with ImageSEO, Thomas created DeliPress. He is specialized in ReactJS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Symfony, POO, Design pattern, Code review. If you are looking for a talented full stack developer, you should definitively contact him on his Linkedin profile !

Thomas and Aurelio (our other team member) have known each other for ever. They met when they were around 4 years old and never lost touch, driven by their commitment to Counter Strike their passion for coding.

Aurelio Volle – Co-Founder & Product Owner / Chief Marketing Officer

Aurelio has 3 different degrees in Law (true story) and 1 in European Affairs. By day, he is a lobbyist for the French Blood Establishment and gives lecture about things that nobody really understand at Lyon University. By night he works on ImageSEO project.

In 2006, when he was 14 years old, Aurelio created a website named Kits-Gratuits.net. Over the next 5 years, Aurelio had managed a team of 20 volunteers and more than 6,000,000 templates, compatible with W3C rules, had been downloaded from his website. Aurelio’s work had been quoted on Tristan Nitot Standblog.

Some people think that Aurelio is really clever, but we just think he’s a douchebag for not making any money from his prior projects. But since he’s funny, we let him stick around.

Aurelio also runs a blog about lobbying names Convictions where he shares insights about its other activity.

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