The reasons why your digital agency must install image SEO optimizer WordPress Plugin

A short story

When we created our Image SEO, we just did all what you should not be doing when you create a product.

We decided to make the most powerful image SEO auditing tool without asking anybody if it was a good idea or not.

Our first MVP had so many features that nobody was able to use it. But we didn’t care, we were having fun.

One month after we released our tool, our first customers arrived. We didn’t really know how, we didn’t really know why, but he was here and he was a digital agency owner.

Out of our 20 first customers, 14 were digital agency owners or employees. We started to speak to them A LOT.

We identified their needs and patched up our plugin WordPress several until they were satisfied with it.

We have now processed hundreds of payment from digital agencies and we have asked them what was the added value of our plugin for them.

You will find below a synthesis of their answer.

A HUGE time saver first!

When you own a digital agency, your bottleneck is not your number of clients. I don’t know any owner who struggles to get clients.

Your bottleneck is the time you and your team have for these clients.

That’s why so often you skip image SEO and you only focus on image size optimisation. That’s fair enough, even though you need it’s important.

There is no way that you optimize thousands of images names and alternative texts for this client who wants to sell ugly necklaces all of the internet. You’d rather die. It’s too boring, too time-consuming.

Image SEO SAVES YOUR TIME ! once the plugin is set-up (about two minutes) you just have to start a bulk optimization and leave the window open.

A broken return on investment!

You think that our plugin is expensive ? It’s not. What is the hourly wage of your employees ?

How long would they need to fill out 1000 alternative texts et rewrite 1000 filenames with SEO friendly content? Approximatively 10h.

When you invest 24,99€ on our plugin, you actually free an employee for a painful day of work.

Worth, isn’t?

A great opportunity to prove your results to your clients

More than 20% of Google organic traffic comes from image searches and Images are returned for 34% of search results.

The SEO power of images is amazing. Optimizing your image alternative texts and names will improve your clients’ statistics in Google Search Consol.

Our amazing Social Card generator will also impact your clients presence on Social Media. Something that every B2B services and shops will greatly appreciate!

A way to make sure your work is under control

Your clients have an incredible ability to break you work, right? With image SEO, you can make sure that all the images they upload in the future will be optimized for search engines and Social Media.

Why should you care? Because it’s an excellent opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors and include it in your quote..!

Reviews from our WordPress page

“This tool saves you a ton of time by automating the process.”

Shane from Clarity Online, a digital agency based in Boston

Image SEO Optimizer features recap

Bulk optimization for image alt texts and namesSave a ton of time
Alt texts optimization on uploadGet control on what is uploaded
Image name optimization on uploadGet control on what is uploaded
Alt texts checkerLearn about your page SEO potential
Social Media Card BuilderImprove your opening and click rates on Social Media

Our pricing goes from 4,99€ to 59,99€ month. One shot offers are also available starting from 19,99€

If you have a question, feel free to shoot me an email at

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