WordPress – How to set up and use the bulk optimization process ?

Our WordPress Plugin makes things easy! With the on-upload optimization there is no need to pay attention to images alt texts and names anymore.

But what about all the images that are already existing in your library? No worries. We have developed a bulk optimization. Here is how it works!

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Image SEO - Alt and Name Optimizer

Global settings

Global settings will allow you to define 2 things:

  • Do you want to manually validate the result of the bulk?
  • The language in which the results should be provided.

The manual validation will allow you to preview the results. Then, you will have to validate them with a click. The manual validation will consume a credit for each image analyzed, whether or not you decide to validate the result.

Image SEO bulk manual validation
Manual validation of the optimization

If you are satisfied with the results we are providing you with, you can stop the process and start a new bulk optimization without manual validation. The images that you have already optimized will be saved and you won’t be charged twice for the same image.

By default, the language is english but you can change it at any time.

Manually edit the proposed results

When you are in manual validation, we suggest you to edit your results if they are not satisfactory.
You have to click on the pen to switch to edit mode :

Optimization settings

When you start a bulk optimization process you have to decide first if you want to optimize your image names AND/OR alternative texts by ticking the right box(es).

You have to check at least one of the two options if you want to trigger the bulk process.

Image SEO alternative text settings

Alt text settings

Our plugin offers you a lot of possibility in order to help you not to consume too many credits unnecessarily. You can therefore choose to optimize only your featured images or your images with empty alts only (or not).

Then, you will have to define a writing template.

  • [keyword_X] : corresponds to a keyword that our Artificial Intelligence will generate during the process.
  • [post_title] : corresponds to the title of the article.
  • [site_title] : will display the name of the site.
  • [product_title] for WooCommerce only, an additional option will be offered to you with [product_title]

Image name settings

For this option, we do not yet offer a template but you can filter the result with a WordPress filter.

In future updates, new templates and options will be offered.

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