ImageSEO for Photographers, E-Commerce & SEO Specialist

ImageSEO has been designed to help people and companies that rely on images to attract their audience or use pictures to trigger a call for action. Photographers, E-Commerce, Marketplaces, Bloggers, SEO Specialists, discover below how ImageSEO services will help you to improve your ranking in search engines ! 

On average, photographers websites, markeplaces and image banks clearly lack of texts. Therefore, the only way for them to get research traffic is through image researches. Good news are that this SEO tool will help you grow your audience through image researches. Let’s discover how ! 

ImageSEO for Photographers

Search Engine Optimization is challenging for Photographers. Often photography websites are only made of picture galleries. Therefore the only way to rank is through images. Here is what our tool can do for you !

  • Image HTML TAGs Checker: We make sure that you have not forgotten any html tags that matter for SEO (alt, title, figurecaptation, srcset, etc).
  • Suggestions based on Artificial Intelligence : We will tell you how to rename your images and fill out your alternative. ImageSEO helps you to understand how your pictures are perceived by Search Engine and on which keyword they are ranking.
  • Image Sitemaps generator: We generate your image sitemaps and help google to understand your content. 
  • Social Cards generator : We help to generate the best preview possible for your Social Media. Do not forget that pictures are the best way to get audience on Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Copywriting and duplicate content: When analyzing your pictures, we also tell you if they are reproduced somewhere else on the web. It’s time to get control back on your content ! 
  • BONUS ImageSEO WordPress plugin: let our plugin do everything for you ! 🙂

ImageSEO for E-Commerce and Marketplaces

Marketplaces and E-Commerce websites will love our tag checker, our Social Cards generator and our duplicate content functionalities. However what ImageSEO can really bring to you is automation. Indeed, Marketplaces content is mostly imported from catalogues made by people who don’t necessarily pay attention to SEO. It would therefore take ages to check and optimize everything. This often result in bad filenames or empty alt. ImageSEO can fix this !

  • ImageSEO API:  With our API, you will be able to optimize all the  filenames and the alternative texts of your catalogue. Don’t let your user generated content ruin your SEO strategy.
  • Image Sitemaps generator: When you have a huge quantity of images, it is important to help Search Engines to index them.
  • Learn which pictures are your competitor using.Our AI is able to find which pictures are your competitor using for the same product. 
  • Improve your meshing.  ImageSEO is able to tell you on which keywords your images are ranking. Use this information to improve your internal meshing in your product sheet. 

ImageSEO for SEO Specialists

If you are a SEO Specialist, you already know why and how you can use our tool. Isn’t it ?! 🙂

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