Case study : optimize image file names and alternative texts

Besides what we flag out in our optimization report, we also generate a name for your file and an alternative text for your image. How is that possible? Thanks to the progress of Google Artificial Intelligence.

Without going into detail of search engines algorithms, they analyze your images in multiples ways : colors, facial expressions, objects in background, texts, etc. It allows search engines to generate data and categorize your pictures.

How do we provide accurate image file names ?

Thanks to these data, our application is able to provide you a label (a kind of hashtag) for each of your image. The label is a sort of keyword attributed by Google AI for your images based on how it is perceived per se by search engines. Per se means without its context.

To understand how our search engine optimization tool works, let’s have a look at the picture below.

The first label suggested by ImageSEO is “auditorium”. It is relevant because the image displayed is a picture of an auditorium. No matter what you are talking about, or what people talk about on internet, the fact is that this picture is an image of an auditorium. That’s what we meant when we wrote that we provide labels based on how search engine perceives your images without its context or per se.

ImageSEO keywords generators
This is a screenshot of ImageSEO Alternative texts and file names generator for your images

“Auditorium.jpg” is of course a better name for your file than “frederic-koberl-975747-unsplash.jpg”, its original name. No need to be an SEO expert to copy that!

How do we optimize your alternative texts ?

If we bother you with this concept of “without context” or “per se“, it is because it’s necessary to understand the power of our search engine optimization tool ! Indeed, besides the labels, we generate something named web entities by Google.

Web entities can be described as how search engines perceive your image in its context on your website, but also, more broadly, how it perceives similar images on internet. It means, for instance, that while your files are not going to change, your web entities might.

Let’s go back to our auditorium picture. When we wrote this article (15 January 2019), the associated web entities were “European Elections 2019” because people using this image or similar images on internet are mostly talking about the coming European elections. Yet, if you are using this picture, it is highly likely that you’re talking about the European Parliament or the European Elections and that’s why we are suggesting you this alternative text for your picture.

What conclusions to draw for your SEO strategy ?

If you are using this picture but not talking about the European elections of May 2019, you should adapt your texts to what’s trendy to get traffic !